The C'thai'ran Cycle

The Wizard's Tower

In the next room they encountered Lydian, prostate before a huge Pit Lord he had summoned and clearly not getting the better end of the bargain. Thinking quickly, Crispin examined the summoning runes chalked in front of the unfortunate wizard and noticed a small error in the binding ritual. Correcting this, Lydian was able to regain control of the situation and banish the demon with no further mishaps. The wizard arrogantly dismissed the party’s request for aid however, until their mention of the kobold demon summoning caught his attention. Lydian himself was investigating a similar group of kobold cultists in a cave to the North, and struck a bargain with the group. If they went and investigated this cult, Lydian would share all the information he knew about the demon cultists in the region. He also asked the group to keep an eye out for his apprentice, who he had sent on the same task but had yet to return. The party were happy to oblige and set out to track down the leader of the kobold cult and see what business they had with demons. Following Lydian’s directions, the party located the entrance to the kobold lair without much trouble and descended a dingy staircase into the cave complex. A series of tense encounters followed, most notably between the party and a young black dragon the kobolds had enslaved to fight off any intruders. Ethu’lien, was determined to save the dragon’s life and by destroying the collar around it’s neck was able to do so. The dragon, called Xerynai, surrendered to the party and provided them some information about what lay ahead. Armed with this information the party fought their way past the remainder of the kobold guards, however they were surprised by a large group at the entrance to the chamber and taken prisoner.

The Wizard's Tower

Returning to Vaerna, the party was greeted by Alain, who expressed both shock and gratitude that not only had they returned successful, but that they had managed to rescue the captive villagers. In return for this exemplary success he gifted them with both a magical crossbow and a suit of leather armor, both heirlooms of his adventuring days. Alain was disturbed by the demonic summoning the party had so recently warded off and asked the group if they would carry word of this to a demonologist named Lydian, a Mordulkin Guild of Mages exile, who lived up on the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, to see if he could tell them anything about the failed ritual. They also met up with a new party member, Jack Nickles, who at first appeared to be little more than a madman but on application of judicious amounts of caffeine was unaccountably insightful.

After a night of drunkenness and caffeine fueled antics, the party set out the next morning for the lonely wizard’s tower by the sea.

Immediately after entering they were both surprised and confused by what they found. The first level was nothing more than a repository for discount occult junk, ornate tomes with no text in them, overly elaborate golden pews which were nothing more than gold-plated iron benches. Two of the three doors leading off the room were tightly locked however, and the party wanted to find out why. The first room they entered, after having the lock deftly picked by Orbdrinus, was a room with an elaborate golden compass marked out on the floor, surmounted by a statue holding a non-descript brown leather bag. Crispin could feel a strong aura of magic emanating from it but Larien could see that the statue was trapped, and that removing the bag from the pedestal would cause it to activate. The party quickly devised a plan. Using a grappling hook and a rope the would hook the bag, and reel it back in from outside the room. The plan went off perfectly except for one unfortunate snag. When Ordrinus tried to pull the bag off the pedestal, the grappling hook got caught on one of the statue’s legs. With ponderous momentum, the compass fell inward on a hinge, revealing a pit of unfathomable depth and pulling the unfortunate Drow in with it. He was now hanging suspended over the drop by the grappling hook and rope which was still attached to the leg of the statue!

Fortuantely, Fenrak was able to pull him up to the level of the statue, at which point they were able to drop him down a rope to climb and Crispin conjured a mage hand to rescue the rope, resulting in the party happily greeting Ordrinus and rejoicing in their new Bag of Holding. The second locked door revealed another room with a pedestal but this one was much different than the first. On the floor were chalked ornate runes in the praise of Orcus , and in the center the pedestal, surrounded by black tendrils of darkness leaking in from the plane of shadow. On the pedastel was a vast collection of gold and gems. Thinking quickly, Crispin utilized his mage hand to carry the new bag of holding close to the pedestal, and scrape the treasure into it. As it approached the centre of the room the bag began to freeze, until it was covered with a thick layer of solid ice. However it was undamaged by this trial, and the party were able to scrape up the loot.

Through the middle door could be heard a distant clanking and clattering. Cautious now, the party had Ordrinus sneak in to investigate. He hurried back and relayed to the party that there were animated corpses in the adjoining room whose flesh had long before rotted away…skeletons! The party quickly swung into action having a long and arduous battle with the undead creatures and a minor Abyssal demon who arrived from deeper inside the abandoned structure. Finally, a combined effort from Fenrak and Crispin relieved the final blazing skeleton of both his head and his homicidal tendencies. The party were left alone amongst the carnage, wondering what sort of a person this Lydian was, and why he had allowed these monsters to live right on his very doorstep! Only time would tell…

The Kobold Cave - Finale


Boldly, the party took a collective one step backward and allowed Fenrakto kick the door open and burst in on the unsuspecting kobolds. What they saw when they entered, however, took even the jaded Crispin by surprise. The kobolds and a scorpion minion had set up a protective perimeter around the shaman who was in the midst of some dark summoning. The kobolds had chalked out a rough summoning circle on the floor and in the middle of it a portal was opening, as though there was a gash in the plane of reality, and shadowy, formless entities were attempting to pull and claw their way through.

Stemming from his knowledge of arcane rituals, Crispin noticed something even more worrying than the summoning, and that was that the binding runes chalked onto the floor were incorrect, and that if the spell was carried off the demon summoned would be completely uncontrollable, likely laying the entire room, and potentially the very world itself to waste.

Luckily, Fenrak’s brash entrance distracted the shaman from his chanting, and the summoning fizzled, but just before the gate sealed itself shut, one of the shadowy forms burst through! It was a Barlgura, one of the denizens of the demonic Abyss! The party steeled itself for a pitched battle and they were not disappointed. The kobolds proved to be fairly unchallenging, for despite their better equipment they were no better skilled than their compatriots. The demon and the shaman however were more threatening. Luckily Fenrak’s hearty constitution allowed him to weather the demon’s powerful blows while the rest of the party set about the weaker kobold minions. They were also aided by the kobold shaman, making a critical error in judgement and sending a bolt of arcane energy into the back of one of his own companions!

Suddenly, the barlgura roared in anger and threw two violent claws at the dwarf in rapid succession, knocking him unconcious. At this point two things happened, the Drow rogue dropped a globe of darkness around himself and the ravenous demon, and the kobold chieftan burst through the other door and threw himself violently at the shaman, distracting him from the other fleshy targets. Unfortunately, due to his already weakened condition and his inferior equipment, the shaman and his one remaining minion made short work of him, but it distracted him for long enough for Larien to heal Fenrak, and for the Drow rogue to take advantage of his concealment to slide his short sword up to the hilt into the demon’s eye, slaying him. It was now only a matter of time before the shaman met his own grisly fate, once again at the hands of the blood-hungry Drow elf.

Further explorations, after looting the magical staff from the kobold’s body, revealed a small chamber which appeared to be some sort of an arcane library, littered with books of occult knowledge and lore, including the ritual that the kobolds had been attempting and botched. They also found, incongruously enough, a holy symbol of Sehanine that had apparently been hanging on the wall since time immemorial. At the back of this room the party uncovered a secret lever, opening a hidden passageway to the cave where the lost villagers of Vaerna had been hidden. Thanking them profusely, the villagers returned home, as did the party to collect their reward for a job well done.

The Story So Far

Alain Bennet, the mayor and nominal leader of Vaerna reluctantly accepted the party’s offer of help, while expressing sincere doubt about their level of competency, and fleshed out the story they had heard with a few details. It seems that people were not just disappearing from the village but were actively being abducted, and that just last night, the town’s blacksmith was taken, along with several other villagers. This has left Vaerna without any economic facilities, as the rest of the town’s service providers have either already been kidnapped or fled in terror. The person who viewed the disappearance, while failing to get a good look at the abducters, was fairly certain he saw the captives being dragged off eastward, toward the mountains.

Alain has a theory that they are not just being taken toward the mountains, but to a very specific place, a cave much feared by the residents of Vaerna due to an evil feeling of dread that emanates from within. Since antiquity this cave has been the source of everything bad that has happened to the town, fire flood and famine have all been attributed to it’s dark influence. Historically it does appear that the cave was formerly the site of demonic rituals, however no one from Vaerna has ventured to go near it in years. To this end Alain offers you a substantial cash reward, as well as one of his heirlooms from his adventuring days, if you can a) resolve the disappearances and hopefully b) recover the missing townsfolk. Your party agree to these conditions, and Alain has you escorted to the cavern by one of his guardsmen, an irritatingly chipper young lad named Content Not Found: Petr. However, even his bright demeanor is visibly suppressed the closer your party comes to the cave until finally he merely points to it, half choked off by shrubs and brambles, before disappearing back the way he had come without even a farewell. On closer inspection of the cave you feel that Alain’s surmise was an accurate one, as near the entrance to the cave the shrubbery is disturbed in a way that your cleric suggests was likely caused by several humanoid creatures dragging several large objects. Cautiously, your party steps into the cave…

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