The C'thai'ran Cycle

The Kobold Cave - Finale


Boldly, the party took a collective one step backward and allowed Fenrakto kick the door open and burst in on the unsuspecting kobolds. What they saw when they entered, however, took even the jaded Crispin by surprise. The kobolds and a scorpion minion had set up a protective perimeter around the shaman who was in the midst of some dark summoning. The kobolds had chalked out a rough summoning circle on the floor and in the middle of it a portal was opening, as though there was a gash in the plane of reality, and shadowy, formless entities were attempting to pull and claw their way through.

Stemming from his knowledge of arcane rituals, Crispin noticed something even more worrying than the summoning, and that was that the binding runes chalked onto the floor were incorrect, and that if the spell was carried off the demon summoned would be completely uncontrollable, likely laying the entire room, and potentially the very world itself to waste.

Luckily, Fenrak’s brash entrance distracted the shaman from his chanting, and the summoning fizzled, but just before the gate sealed itself shut, one of the shadowy forms burst through! It was a Barlgura, one of the denizens of the demonic Abyss! The party steeled itself for a pitched battle and they were not disappointed. The kobolds proved to be fairly unchallenging, for despite their better equipment they were no better skilled than their compatriots. The demon and the shaman however were more threatening. Luckily Fenrak’s hearty constitution allowed him to weather the demon’s powerful blows while the rest of the party set about the weaker kobold minions. They were also aided by the kobold shaman, making a critical error in judgement and sending a bolt of arcane energy into the back of one of his own companions!

Suddenly, the barlgura roared in anger and threw two violent claws at the dwarf in rapid succession, knocking him unconcious. At this point two things happened, the Drow rogue dropped a globe of darkness around himself and the ravenous demon, and the kobold chieftan burst through the other door and threw himself violently at the shaman, distracting him from the other fleshy targets. Unfortunately, due to his already weakened condition and his inferior equipment, the shaman and his one remaining minion made short work of him, but it distracted him for long enough for Larien to heal Fenrak, and for the Drow rogue to take advantage of his concealment to slide his short sword up to the hilt into the demon’s eye, slaying him. It was now only a matter of time before the shaman met his own grisly fate, once again at the hands of the blood-hungry Drow elf.

Further explorations, after looting the magical staff from the kobold’s body, revealed a small chamber which appeared to be some sort of an arcane library, littered with books of occult knowledge and lore, including the ritual that the kobolds had been attempting and botched. They also found, incongruously enough, a holy symbol of Sehanine that had apparently been hanging on the wall since time immemorial. At the back of this room the party uncovered a secret lever, opening a hidden passageway to the cave where the lost villagers of Vaerna had been hidden. Thanking them profusely, the villagers returned home, as did the party to collect their reward for a job well done.



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