The C'thai'ran Cycle

The Story So Far

Alain Bennet, the mayor and nominal leader of Vaerna reluctantly accepted the party’s offer of help, while expressing sincere doubt about their level of competency, and fleshed out the story they had heard with a few details. It seems that people were not just disappearing from the village but were actively being abducted, and that just last night, the town’s blacksmith was taken, along with several other villagers. This has left Vaerna without any economic facilities, as the rest of the town’s service providers have either already been kidnapped or fled in terror. The person who viewed the disappearance, while failing to get a good look at the abducters, was fairly certain he saw the captives being dragged off eastward, toward the mountains.

Alain has a theory that they are not just being taken toward the mountains, but to a very specific place, a cave much feared by the residents of Vaerna due to an evil feeling of dread that emanates from within. Since antiquity this cave has been the source of everything bad that has happened to the town, fire flood and famine have all been attributed to it’s dark influence. Historically it does appear that the cave was formerly the site of demonic rituals, however no one from Vaerna has ventured to go near it in years. To this end Alain offers you a substantial cash reward, as well as one of his heirlooms from his adventuring days, if you can a) resolve the disappearances and hopefully b) recover the missing townsfolk. Your party agree to these conditions, and Alain has you escorted to the cavern by one of his guardsmen, an irritatingly chipper young lad named Content Not Found: Petr. However, even his bright demeanor is visibly suppressed the closer your party comes to the cave until finally he merely points to it, half choked off by shrubs and brambles, before disappearing back the way he had come without even a farewell. On closer inspection of the cave you feel that Alain’s surmise was an accurate one, as near the entrance to the cave the shrubbery is disturbed in a way that your cleric suggests was likely caused by several humanoid creatures dragging several large objects. Cautiously, your party steps into the cave…



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