The C'thai'ran Cycle

The Wizard's Tower

In the next room they encountered Lydian, prostate before a huge Pit Lord he had summoned and clearly not getting the better end of the bargain. Thinking quickly, Crispin examined the summoning runes chalked in front of the unfortunate wizard and noticed a small error in the binding ritual. Correcting this, Lydian was able to regain control of the situation and banish the demon with no further mishaps. The wizard arrogantly dismissed the party’s request for aid however, until their mention of the kobold demon summoning caught his attention. Lydian himself was investigating a similar group of kobold cultists in a cave to the North, and struck a bargain with the group. If they went and investigated this cult, Lydian would share all the information he knew about the demon cultists in the region. He also asked the group to keep an eye out for his apprentice, who he had sent on the same task but had yet to return. The party were happy to oblige and set out to track down the leader of the kobold cult and see what business they had with demons. Following Lydian’s directions, the party located the entrance to the kobold lair without much trouble and descended a dingy staircase into the cave complex. A series of tense encounters followed, most notably between the party and a young black dragon the kobolds had enslaved to fight off any intruders. Ethu’lien, was determined to save the dragon’s life and by destroying the collar around it’s neck was able to do so. The dragon, called Xerynai, surrendered to the party and provided them some information about what lay ahead. Armed with this information the party fought their way past the remainder of the kobold guards, however they were surprised by a large group at the entrance to the chamber and taken prisoner.



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