Alain Bennet


Alain Bennett grew up on the mean streets of Soorenar, where nothing comes without a price. As an orphan, Alain quickly learned that the only way to survive was to rely on himself, and so he began an industrious career as a pickpocket, footpad, and general scoundrel. Eventually he was picked up by one of the members of the local Thieves Guild who, irritated by the little orphan impinging on their business operation, brought him before the master of the guild, Sylvius Obdrinau. The guild leader, amused by the young Alain’s spirit, offered him a fellowship in the guild, and what followed were some of the happiest days of young Alain’s life.

However, it was not all fun and games. One night on a typical break and entry, Alain’s partner, jealous of his success and his favour with the guild leader, started a ruckus outside the building Alain was burgling, waking the entire household and bringing the guards. Since Alain refused to silence the only witness, an elderly woman who was most distressed to find her treasures pilfered in the middle of the night, Alain was arrested and charged with burglary, a crime which in Soorenar is punishable by hanging.

During his stint in the cell, Alain was visited by a tall, powerful human named Trinus Sceptus, who questioned him repeatedly about his crimes. Alain, believing himself consigned to death was full and frank in his confession, impressing Trinus with his sincerity, morality, and his clear skill as a thief. Consequently, Trinus, an influential Paladin from the temple of Helm in Waterdeep, made an appeal on behalf of Alain to be released into his custody. Happy to be rid of the burden, the judge consented, and thus began Alain’s membership with the Silverwood Company, a roving band of adventurers led by Trinus. Alain’s exploits with the Company are well recorded and, when the group eventually disbanded, Alain made his retirement in his home country of Chessenta, eventually becoming the mayor of the small hamlet in which he decided to settle and doing his best to protect the townsfolk from the dangers of a world beset with conflict.

Alain Bennet

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