Fenrak Fjörgynn

Dwarven Fighter


Fenrak Fjörgynn was born in the underground city of Ironspur in the Galena Mountains. Fenrak’s father, Jorgen, unlike many other dwarves was an accountant. Never the less, Fenrak’s good behavior would be rewarded with his mother Skoda’s sweet meat pie and another tale of wild adventures from his father’s supposed past. For many years, Fenrak accepted these tales as true and, as a result, fit in nicely with the other young dwarves. However, by the time he was thirteen, Fenrak started to realize that his father could not truly have lived such wild, rich and numerous adventures. He was an accountant and always had been.

Fenrak was, however, always interested in what his father did for a living. He admired his father and sought after as many lessons as Jorgen was able to teach him, many of which regarded the art of accountancy. But despite his original goal to take up the business of his father and become like him, Fenrak joined the junior militia in hopes that he may one day experience the adventures that he believed his father regretted not having. He trained in the ways of iron and steel for six years before finally saving up enough gold to buy his very own pre-owned discounted armour. With a few more supplies and a note left for his parents, Fenrak stole the hammer he would have received for graduating his final term in the junior militia and left town seeking the true adventures his father had told him about. Fenrak is compelled to collect artifacts as symbols, tokens, and trophies of his adventures.

After a few scant encounters in small towns around the Moon Sea scaring miscreants and battling tavern hooligans (which always ended poorly for him), Fenrak became disillusioned with the triviality of it all. These were not the tales of an adventurous dwarf. In an ill-concieved plan, Fenrak boarded the Shouting Thomas sailing out across the Sea of Fallen Stars to Mordulkin.

Having lived his entire life underground, the concept of open water was new and frightening to him. This fear was entirely tolerable while facing the sea from solid ground, but it soon became apparent that being surrounded by open water was enough to paralize the normally steadfast dwarf with fear. Unable to help the crew, Fenrak spent the weeks at sea deep within the belly of the ship using his keener low-light vision to spot rats onboard. Unfortunately, his undexterious nature made him a rather poor rat catcher and an apt klutz.

Upon arrival in Mordulkin and with a crew fed up with his lack of contribution to the upkeep of the ship, Fenrak was quickly thrown overboard. Somehow managing to thrash his way to the surface for long enough, he was picked up by a small rescue paddleboat. Presented with a rescue fee he was unable to pay, Fenrak apologetically jettisoned the two man crew and paddled frantically back to shore.

In dire need of a hasty escape plan, Fenrak drove the paddleboat onto the shore and sought to escape town as quickly as possible. Quickly latching on to the first equally frightened, though substantially less wet person he found Fenrak soon came to be part of a party of what he assumed were adventurers and what he hoped would one day be friends.

Recently, Fenrak has discovered that perhaps he was wrong about his father’s past. Maybe the stories were actually true. Maybe they were lies to cover up the true story.

Fenrak Fjörgynn

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