Larien Tinuviel


Larien was born in the northern forest of Rawlinswood. She showed strong tendencies at a young age for diplomacy and the care of others and as a result she was sent to study in the temple of Avandra where diplomacy was a handy skill. However, she soon found that her unaligned nature did not mesh well with the commandments of the goddess who stayed on the side of good. While she never committed any major infractions she was soon asked (kindly of course) to leave the temple and to not return until she was capable of committing to the commandments of Avandra.

Thinking it more of a relief than a trial, Larien moved on and decided the best place to go would be south. She traveled by foot and made money by practicing illusions as well as acting as a cleric for hire despite not being fully trained in any temple. Most of the time she was hired by tradesmen who were traveling and needed someone to barter in a more convincing matter. At this time she also took a common name that was easier for humans to pronounce. Melody Rayne. On her travels she ran into a new initiate of Sehanine who, having seen Larien’s behaviours gave her the recommendation to become an initiate of the Goddess. She at the time refused the invitation favoring her nomadic means of life to that of life in a temple.

She was told of an Island off the coast that held a monastery that bred great warriors as well as training up monks. She spent many months there learning to heal from the more senior monks as well as learning close combat skills. She finally felt at home somewhere which she hadn’t felt since leaving Rawlinswood so many years before. While she trained and studied she also met a half-elf monk named Slough (pronounced Sloy). She was instantly taken by his introverted behaviour as well as is intelligence and they spent many late nights talking about any subject they could think of. The intellectual bond they shared also spilled into an emotional one. However, a relationship between the two was strictly forbidden and they were forced to choose between their happiness or the life of the one that they loved. Larien was forced to leave suddenly saying goodbye with the hope that they would see one another again.

Needing her heart mended she once again found her way to the temple of Sehanine subconsciously, and was remembered by the initiate. She was taken in immediately and began to fervently study the ways of the Goddess that she had read so much about during her stay in the Islands. She devoted her life to helping other people in the hopes that it would heal her own heart.

At the time of meeting the rest of the party, she had been in the city on a leave of absence from the temple. Each cleric being required to travel and to help in order to full realize their training after they had been promoted to the full title of cleric.

Larien Tinuviel

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