Chessenta is a country of individual city-states that are often at war with one another. As such, the region is ripe with opportunities for adventurers and mercenaries alike. While they appreciate culture and theatre, the culture of the Chessentans revolves around war and war heroes. The city of Cimbar is the theoretical capital of Chessenta

Major geographical features


The Akanamere: A lake rich in fish and lizardfolk.


Akanapeaks: The tallest mountain range in Chessenta. It is the known home to the Flaming Spike orc tribe as well as numerous kobold tribes.

Riders to the Sky: A range of hills and mountains that is the domain of trolls and duergar.

Notable locations


Cimbar: The largest city and the spiritual capital of Chessenta.

Airspur: An influential trading port that is home to a large population of half-orcs.

Akanax: This large city is in essence a large military camp.

Luthcheq: The City of Madness is led by the Karanok family, all of whom are members of the Cult of Entropy. As such, magic is shunned in the city.

Mordulkin: A city on the eastern side of the Bay of Chessenta. Ruled for a long time by the Jedea family and a haven for wizards.

Soorenar: A wealthy city that is alligned with other city-states against Cimbar.

Navy and seafaring

Chessentan vessels are named after sea creatures or sea-related myths.


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