Mordulkin is an independent wealthy metropolis on the Bay of Chessenta in Chessenta. It is a monarchy, ruled by the Jedea family since the rebellion of Unther. As of 1358 DR, it is ruled by King Hercubes Jedea. It is the main trading rival of the city of Luthcheq, and much hostility exists between the inhabitants of the two cities.

The city contains the largest port in Chessenta after Cimbar, and also has a large mage school.

Guilds Mordulkin is split into sections that are run by guilds. The mercenary guild requires that mercenaries and adventurers register within 24 hours of their arrival into Mordulkin, on punishment of imprisonment. The thieves’ guild is the largest of its kind in Chessenta. The other notable guilds are the crafts guild, merchants’ guild and the builders’ guild. Trade The city trades its magic items for pearls from the aquatic elves, who have trouble with the sahuagin in the area. Garrison The city is home to 6,000 infantry, 1,000 archers and 1,000 cavalry. Its military is also served by a number of mages. Politics King Hercubes has no interest in a united Chessenta. He has no interest in forming alliances with other cities or nations, and keeps relations with other cities on the Sea of Fallen Stars cordial.

Description courtesy of Forgotten Realms Wiki


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