You recently arrived in Chessenta, a region in Eastern Faerun on the Sea of Fallen Stars comprised of six warring city states, Cimbar, the nominal capital, Airspur a trading port home to many half-orcs, Akanax which is more or less a glorified military camp, Luthcheq, the ruling family of whom are members of the Cult of Entropy and shun magic. Mordulkin, a city on the eastern side of the Bay of Chessenta and a haven for wizards, and Soorenar, a wealthy city state aligned with the other states against Cimbar.

Your party arrived separately in Mordulkin, the second largest port in the region, from various areas of Faerun but due to a lack of funds and an inability to pay the registration fee were forced to leave the city at some speed. It was during this exodus that your party were first acquainted and soon decided to forge a mutually beneficial agreement: to adventure together in order to acquire the resources required to facilitate a lengthy stay in the region and thus your party was formed.

Since that time you have traveled from small town to small town in the Mordulkin area, doing odd jobs, quests and the like for the local populace. Our story begins on one such quest; your party heard tell of a small village named Vaerna several miles south and east of Murdulkin in the foothills of the Riders to the Skywhich has been run ragged by a string of unexplained disappearances. The mayor of Vaerna, Alain Bennet, has recently put out the call for adventurers offering a reasonably sized reward for news of the missing townsfolk. Bennetsuspects that the villagers are being taken to a cave on the lower mountain slopes, as wandering villagers have often heard strange sounds emanating from the mouth of this particular cave and one eyewitness reported seeing one of the abuductees dragged in that direction, although he was unable to get a good look at the terrified man’s captors. Intrigued and needing the money, your party agrees to investigate.

The C'thai'ran Cycle

Fenrak Larien Orb